Elisabeth Workman & Michael Sikkema

The devil shoots the devil. 
In the face. 
In hell. 
In Ohio. 
In jest.
I just liked this 
like I like
infant mystery juice.
Jizzle devil two step explains the apocalypse. 
We need to mash some more 
words and shoot 
them in their 
freaked out facehash.
Let’s mash a book’s worth and shoot it square in the Ohio.
The devil approves from his facehole.
Her facehole.
His and hers faceholes.
His and hers 
faceholes like an Ohio claiming 
one size fists all.
I just spurted mouthwash from my fisthole.
I just Ohioed the tell tale.
Ohio loves a washed mouth spurt
a gunpowder snort
an elk tattoo with alien underpinnings
pinned under Ohio's underthings. 
Ohio voted itself 
the best dressed Florida 
and the mobsters all straightened their crucifixes. 
They have a drive through 
crocodile vagina kind of feel. 
They have doppelganger satan malls 
cowering behind every phantom
jungle hymen. They call them Flying Toledos. 
They say Ohio is home to 
America’s first maw. 
They say every fist kiss happens 
in a Flying Toledo food court.
U.F.Ohio. U.F.Ohiology. 
It's where everyone goes for white sale stigmata. 
Its ass antlers the no dome, 
the no-dom sometimes called Ohio.
What happens in Ohio stains in Ohio. 
The garbage collectors are floating 
skulls of truth, bibs of nostalgia. 
A half pound of antlers will get you 
$500 or 50 years depending 
on your surname. 
Sir, name the fallopian forest 
responsible for your accident, and we'll 
reward it seven stones of my high O.
O damn. 
O please and Thanatos. 
Dose me back to your Ohio thighs. 
Sometimes I need to dumpster dive in my worst-case 
Ohio in which you eff ogres for their car parts, in which ogres eff ohnoseconds
with baby spoons, in which babies eff octogenarians for oleo and it’s understandable
because Route 80 is littered with placenta and the woods fawn tubular and sticky.
Rickety out-of-staters rub up on the snare drums. Cameras capture. 
Oh, hi, obvious epic, let us
show you interspecies spooning 
and these crooked hooker mufflers.
Two hand the Ohio hang or dawn's fingers
get all futuristic. The Collected Ohio
was originally uterus carved 
and strobe lit by burning virgins.
We just got hot for the messenger.


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