Empires of the Sun

Stuart Krimko

Restitution, or the formality of giving back, these words
cannot be the ones I intended them to be, when I woke
or while I slept. But there are others that return this sense
of economy to the one who speaks them: there are others,
verdant and valiant and
vibrant. It’s the vibrant ones you’re supposed to want.
But what about the boring choristers who look in the mirror
and move their mouths but don’t actually sing?
The vessels of an empty Bible, burned to the gut
and giving their all, which isn’t
Which isn’t much at all? I don’t know about them
and don’t care, but I do because I ask, so I’m confused.
Carelessly lost in my own whispering forest,
where the leaves take on the shape of
emotional wanderlusts, societies of veins
and valueless societies burn in the entire
conflagration of one match reaching for arson.
I was happy to be done with that place, no matter
what some bluebirds thought, or Bambi and his bright
judge of a mother. Was Bambi gendered? Was there
a gallant way to burn the forest, like the
war-loving troops in Avatar? There was, the simple answer,
the one that comes with a smile. Do you see each
of those extra words, to bend back on oneself like like,
like the word in a museum glass? Groaning, gladly
follow me into the
anthropologist’s chamber, Sigourney Weaver’s virtual office,
where we all turn blue and bleed
an uncommon ecology. I was bobbing back
and forth in my chair earlier this evening, drunk on
too little and falling in love with the idea of sleep:
not sleep itself,
which was too far off, but the image of my two
eyes shut against a world waking would be proud of,
one that spun against two blimps by the dateline,
a pharmaceutical world I could not resist. So I took the pills
and pretended the sun 
was no longer a clock of a star.


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